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Boxing By The Beach 2015 Gallery

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From El Dorado Entertainment
This will be the second boxing promotion by El Dorado boxing group. Indication from the first show is that the people of Ventura enthusiastically welcome live boxing. This upcoming show promises to be a duplication of the outpour of fans and thus, it is expected to be a sell-out once again. Tickets will be a scarce commodity, if at all, on the week before the Commotion on the Ocean showdown.

Fighting in the co-main event is the undefeated pride of Oxnard, Jose Aguinaga, who's record stands at 32-0. Sharing in the spotlight is the young up and coming Roger Romo, who will be fighting the co-main event. As many know, Romo is the younger brother of Oxnard's pride; World Champion Fernando Vargas.
Jose Aguinaga, who's story of personal family hardship is well known, makes him a special favorite with the boxing fans in Oxnard. They will demonstrate their support for Aguinaga by attending on that night in his quest for a world championship fight. His return to boxing, in the minds of many boxing aficionados, is an added blessing to the development of a worldwide image of Oxnard as the national capital of boxing in the USA. Credence to this is the population growth of nationally ranked fighters who have moved into the Oxnard and Port Hueneme area, such as Kelly Pavlik, Antonio Margarito, Marcos Maidana, Sergio Martinez as well the home-bred potentials like Miguel Angel Garcia, Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz.

Aguinaga, indigeneous to the area, makes him even more of a favorite with the boxing fans of Ventura County. A record of 32-0 is no easy task and if anything, it is an indication of a lot of hard work and dedication to his craft. In so speaking, one could say he is a successful boxing businessman.
On May 26th, Jose will undoubtedly make a good representation of himself by performing to his utmost and no one will go home disappointed. Aguinaga's post fight popularity will continue to garner claims of being the home town favorite of Oxnard.
Roger Romo, has the honored prestige of sharing the limelight with Aguinaga. This young and upcoming contender has already proven to be someone who can manage a bright and favorable future in the world of pugilism. Although the younger brother of Fernando Vargas, he is establishing his own identity in the ring. His record stands at 5-0, currently, but it is anticipated that his win streak will continue for some time. President Armando Renteria, thinks highly of his prospect and both Romo and Renteria, look forward to a long joint venture, as with Aguinaga.

It is not out of the realm to have these two go all the way to become champions. In so doing, Oxnard could be the home of world class boxing Champions. Just how much will the city of Oxnard support attaining this monumental achievement? Oxnard boxing has been drawing nationwide attention and establishing city pride and fame. Where will it go from here?
Those who participate currently as sponsors in the development of this sports venture, share in the efforts of bringing about the reality of a dream. Those who stand to share in the economic development of this mission are those who live within the city confines of Oxnard and Port Hueneme.
The El Dorado Entertainment boxing promotions has a promising future in the county of Ventura. It has already gained added notoriety as well as recognition throughout the county of Ventura and beyond. Spokesman Armando Renteria, reports that the numbers of sponsors for the boxing show has leaped from two to fifteen. As for continued appeal and support from the fans, the outlook seems to offer a fruitful endeavor.
The El Dorado Entertainment promotions promises to attract highly ranked world class fighters in the future. Especially, since the interest obviously appears to be there and it will all be owed to the participation of the fans who will ultimately bring them in.
The fight gala on May 26, at the Oceanview Pavilion will come to past and the "Commotion by the Ocean" will be remembered for a long time as the springboard to national recognition and fame.


Quotes From the press conference:
Armando Renteria President of El Dorado Entertainment

"I told you boxing was gonna be back in Oxnard 3 months later, Jose Aguiniga has a lot to prove to himself and to all the boxing fans that forgot about him 5 years ago. It's gonna be "Sweet" on may 26th Aguiniga is back and he will be world champion."

Indian Banuelos
"My training camp is going great I am in excellent condition & ready to get that W on May 26th the crowd is In for a night full of action I'm gonna give te fans a great fight."


Crystal Morales
"Getting ready come
May 26 is going to
be a great fight night for the fans 805 is
the Mecca of boxing."


Roger Romo
"I will make my own name on this game, I may be the younger brother of a legend but I'm creating and leaving my own legacy. Come may 26th I will not only shine but I'll show the whole world that I am the real deal and I WILL be a world champion."

Jose Aguiniga
"I'm back and I'm ready to show the world why I'm undefeated. Training is going great and I'm going to put on a show for my boxing fans in Oxnard."

Professional boxing makes a return to the
805 & Oceanview Pavilion!

There isn't a bigger event in the area, and
Oceanview Pavilion has it!

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